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We are a technological company run by people whose aim is to help pharmacies in their digitalisation. The company is created by and for pharmacists, and it is focused on the pharmacies’ digital needs.
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    LUDA Family

    LUDA Partners was founded by Luis Martín and Daniel de Carvajal in 2017. It was born from a request made by the Association of Pharmacists of Madrid (Adefarma), which perceived a problematic situation: medicine supply issues were affecting pharmacists, distributors, and patients.

    Of our partners, 50% are part of the pharmaceutical sector. They are the ones in charge of marking the directives that the tool must follow according to the established rules.

    Created by and for pharmacists

    The company was born with two well-defined aims:

    1. To connect pharmacies so they can locate the medicines in shortage their patients need.
    2. To help and accompany pharmacies in their digitalisation.

    The two of them are accomplished by following 3 golden rules:

    1. Preference for the closest pharmacy.
    2. No comparison of prices.
    3. No data is sold.

    Numbers of your interest


    Increased in the average monthly parapharmacy sales per pharmacy


    Member pharmacies, a number that grows every day



    LUDA’s family

    We are a multidisciplinary, young, and passionate team. Our family is composed of various profiles that share a common trait: we want to help pharmacies and put them as the digital ecosystem’s heart. It is a team formed of more than 50 employees, spread out all across Spain, who work to bring pharmacies’ importance back.

    Received awards

    LUDA Partners has been acknowledged for being a supportive and Spanish economy-activating initiative. We are proud to be part of a project that stands as the principal technological model for the more than 22,000 pharmacies in our country. See our recognitions and awards below:

    Award: Best Digital Initiative 2022:
    Award: Best Digital Initiative 2022:

    ’Best Digital Initiative’ at the VII Edition of the Tu Economía awards held in Madrid.

    Award: Best Digital Pharmaceutical Project 2022:
    Award: Best Digital Pharmaceutical Project 2022:

    ‘Best Digital Pharmaceutical Project’ at the XI Edition of the A Tu Salud awards celebrated in Madrid.

    Award: Company with the leading care project in pharmacies 2023
    Award: Company with the leading care project in pharmacies 2023

    'Company with the leading healthcare project in pharmacies' at the V edition of the Community of Madrid Awards.

    Special collaborations

    LUDA Partners collaborates with Complutense University of Madrid giving talks to the new generations of the pharmaceutical sector, organizing visits to the company to show how LUDA works, also has trainee students (many of them have stayed at LUDA) who contribute the new vision and freshness of the pharmaceutical sector.

    Join our network, aid your patients, and boost your parapharmacy online sales!