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We are a technological company whose aim is to help pharmacies in their parapharmaceutical digitalisation. The company is created by and for pharmacists and it is focused on the pharmacies’ digital needs.

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    About the company

    LUDA Partners was founded by Luis Martín and Daniel de Carvajal in 2017. It was born from a request made by the Association of Pharmaceutics of Madrid (Adefarma), which perceived a problematic situation consisting of medicine supply issues affecting pharmacists, distributors, and patients.

    LUDA Partners is created by and for pharmacists. Besides the fact that 50% of the associates of the company are part of the pharmaceutical sector, there are pharmacists within the company in charge of marking directives that follow the established rules and ensure that the tool follows the needs of pharmacists.

    The company was born with two well-defined aims:

    • Helping pharmacies deal with medicine shortage issues.
    • Helping and accompanying pharmacies in their parapharmaceutical digitalisation.

    The two of them are accomplished by following 3 golden rules:

    1. Preference for the closest pharmacy
    2. No comparison of prices
    3. No data is sold

    LUDA Partners’ People

    LUDA Partners is composed of various kinds of people and profiles with a common characteristic: they want to place pharmacies at the centre of the digital ecosystem. Nowadays, being online is destined for a few people with proper resources, and pharmacies feel defenceless. The employees of LUDA want to help them with it and give them importance back, so if a pharmaceutical company offers parapharmaceutical products online, pharmacies are the ones who sell and dispense them.

    We have business-oriented people, who work to make our projects profitable and beneficial economically for pharmacies.

    Meanwhile, others have experience in the sector and keep an eye on our agreements for them not to change the business model of pharmacies.

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