Leader national and international marketplaces and pharmaceutical companies already trust our tool and make the most of the Spanish pharmacies’ capillarity so they can bring their products to our network, which has more than 3,500 pharmacies.
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    LUDA Partners aims to help pharmacies to start selling their parapharmacy online without a cost to them. LUDA works with pharmaceutical companies’ websites, e-commerce and marketplaces that sell or can sell parapharmacy products. We connect these websites to our network so when users or patients shop parapharmacy products online, it assigns them the closest pharmacy with availability, which will dispense the order. Users can choose between picking up the order or having it delivered.

    This way, we redirect parapharmacy online sales to conventional pharmacies, which offer a vast number of benefits that motivate the decision of purchasing on these websites.

    Benefits our partners see:

    • LUDA is in charge of the logistics.
    • LUDA is responsible for the payment management.
    We handle claims and refunds from our office.
    • Products are delivered in 2 hours.
    • Our projects follow the ESG criteria: Environmental, Social and Governance.

    • Pharmacists are always the ones to dispense and control parapharmacy products.
    • Products are stored and protected in the necessary security conditions.
    • Products are handled by professionals.
    • Pharmacists can offer their knowledge and experience when patients pick up their products at pharmacies.

    Partners who already trust LUDA

    Transform your web traffic into sales made through pharmacies with LUDA

    LUDA Partners relies on three different categories of partners:

    Join our network, aid your patients, and boost your parapharmacy online sales!