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    Basic Information about data protection


    LUDA Partners is a technology company that helps pharmacies in two ways: by locating the closest pharmacy with the medicine or parapharmacy products their patients need available, and by helping pharmacies sell their parapharmacy on online websites or sales platforms.

    LUDA is a company that provides services to pharmacies. It does not have any medicines or products and it does not sell or distribute anything. We just connect pharmacies in our digital network so they can make punctual consults about the availability of medicines or other products in other pharmacies.

    Likewise, by being in LUDA’s network, pharmacies can choose which online parapharmacy sales projects they want to participate in and start receiving orders.

    Absolutely not. Selling medicines online is prohibited by Spanish law unless you are a pharmacy, and you ask the Spanish Agency of Medicines for a permission that comes along with a series of requisites (among them a website quite complex and expensive).

    Our tool allows pharmacies to connect and locate medicines, so patients can go directly to pharmacies and acquire them as usual, by having the required medicines dispensed. It is the patient who picks it up and pays for it.

    Definitely not. Only patients can request the delivery of medicines using other different means. We connect pharmacies and allow them to know if there are medicines in other ones, but patients must pick them up physically. Patients can turn to a familiar or a friend to acquire the product. When it comes to dispensable medicines under medical prescription, patients will always have to show their prescriptions.

    We access it occasionally when we make calls in determined moments just to know if you have or not a product to show to the consulting pharmacy. The data is in code and encrypted, and it is deleted every 72 hours, except for the transactions executed on the platform. Neither we nor any pharmacist can see your inventory. The data of your patients or billing cannot be accessed either.

    And, of course, we do not sell data.

    No. We do not sell it and never will, this appears on our contract. We connect pharmacies, which can consult what other pharmacies have the medicines or parapharmaceutical products patients need at the moment. We bill for each parapharmaceutical sale transaction. That is our business model. Other companies sell data, but we do not do it. It would be detrimental to us since pharmacies are our partners and without them, we would be nothing.

    No. Amazon has a different business model. They have a principal warehouse, while our model is based on putting pharmacies at the centre and making sure that they make the sale. Patients purchase their parapharmaceutical products online, and the closest pharmacy where they can be picked up or asked to be delivered from is the one to sell them. Our model is successful because it gets advantage of the strengths of the Mediterranean model of pharmacy: pharmacies in each municipality of Spain, an assistance value when picking up products there, etc. Besides, the capillarity of our network allows us to deliver in less than 2 hours, and products are handled and stored by pharmacists.

    We do not possess any motorbikes, vans, or drones. We only connect with anyone who contributes to the network and respects the pharmacy model.

    The answer to both questions is no. Through its technological platform, LUDA Partners does a consult for certain medicines at a certain moment but cannot see the inventory of pharmacies. That is, thanks to the network formed by connected pharmacies, LUDA can do consults to know the availability of a specific product but will not have access to the whole catalogue of pharmacies. For their part, they cannot know about the others’ inventory, just about the availability of a certain product at a certain moment.

    LUDA Partners only does real-time consults on pharmacies’ management software to know the availability of a certain product in a certain pharmacy at the moment a pharmacist does a consult.

    It does not collect information and it does not show the number of provisions or prices. It only shows the pharmacies that have the solicited product available.

    LUDA does not sell information, just transmits it.

    There are no membership fees, or installation, training, maintenance, and leaving costs.

    It is a win-win model: pharmacies will only pay if they sell their parapharmaceutical products online.

    No. You can use the modules that are most convenient to you according to the location of your pharmacy and your needs. You will be able to choose in which project you will be active and disconnect and reconnect whenever you consider.

    You can stop working with LUDA whenever you want with no penalties. You will simply disappear from the medicines and pharmaceutical products consults carried out by other pharmacies.

    You will also stop being part of every project we have in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and third parties online. Thus, you will not be able to sell your parapharmaceutical products online on plenty of platforms that, otherwise, would suppose major investments and difficulties.

    We know the importance of personal attention and closeness with your patients. That is why LUDA Partners puts technology at your service: to be more competitive and to keep receiving patients personally. We want to put pharmacies at the centre and bring back the digital user who only purchases parapharmaceutical products online.

    Pharmacists will always be the ones dispensing medicines. Regarding the localisation of medicines, patients will come to your pharmacy and acquire them like any other patients.

    When it comes to the sale of parapharmaceutical products online, pharmacists will ALWAYS be the ones to dispense them to users picking them up as well as to messengers who will do the delivery.

    Pharmacists who are part of the network are the ones responsible to maintain information about their products and their availability. Our software only does real-time consults about the medicines and pharmaceutical products stored in pharmacies’ management programs to know the availability of a certain product at a certain moment in a pharmacy.

    LUDA Partners is easy and simple to use. Besides the personal training received by our team, you will have documents and tutorials to learn how to use the tool and improve every day.

    To join us you only need to fill out the standard form contract located in the Join Us section of our website. Any pharmacy, no matter the cooperative it is working with, can join LUDA with zero problems.

    It is not mandatory; it can be freely rejected. Now, if reservations are constantly rejected, then we will examine the procedures carried out and could eject pharmacies from the system for being unsupportive to others and their patients.

    No. Only pharmacists have access to our tool and can reserve the medicines or pharmaceutical products needed in another pharmacy (the closest).

    LUDA Partners has optimised its technology to connect pharmacies’ management systems. There is a pharmacy in almost every municipality of Spain, and every 2,500-2,800 inhabitants. The evolution of online consumption does not generate an excess of pharmacies, in fact, they need to be interconnected so patients can find in real time what they need. This is quite important for patients who suffer from illnesses whose medicines usually have supply issues and cannot wait 24 hours for them to be requested to pharmaceutical companies in the best-case scenarios, or for patients who just do not want to wait or visit several times a pharmacy to make sure it has what they need.

    The strength of LUDA Partners resides in having pharmaceutical experts distributed across Spain, by connecting all the pharmacies in the country. This way, patients can rely on them whenever they are and whenever they travel. Besides, the pharmaceutical products localisation service of LUDA Partners is supported by health workers.

    No. Our technological solution to connect pharmacies’ management systems is unique.