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Your Purchasing Group can help pharmacies to deal with supply issues and to start selling parapharmacy online after becoming digital.
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    More and more associations and purchasing groups join LUDA’s project as partners by connecting their pharmacies to pharmaceutical companies and marketplaces’ projects so pharmacies sell parapharmaceutical products online and dispense them.

    This way, purchasing groups offer their pharmacies a quite profitable option, as they only pay when a parapharmacy sale is made. Besides, thanks to LUDA, pharmacies can provide better assistance to patients by tracking the needed medicines when they cannot dispense them.

    Conoce a los grupos de compra

    Grupo Distroargar was created in 2014 as a pharmaceutical group whose purpose is to have pharmacies working together and, consequently, obtaining common benefits. Its philosophy is based on the distribution of services and products while generating the maximum profit possible, obtaining better prices thanks to the power of the group, apart from the acquisition of general services for their associates. Nowadays, the group is working with 260 associate pharmacies and 100 pharmaceutical companies to offer better service.

    OnlyPharma is a marketing agency for pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry, born in 2017, whose principal purpose is to accompany pharmacies when they are selling their parapharmaceutical products online. Its team contains 20 employees specialised in various fields to offer a 360° experience. First, the services that can adjust better to your business are evaluated: digital marketing, visual identity, web design, and even social media strategies and management. Everything is personalised, and the agency maintains contact with pharmacies, so they are always informed about the actions made for their benefit.

    The Association of Pharmaceutics of Madrid (Adefarma) is an association founded in 1978 to defend, promote, and improve the professional and economic interests of the pharmacy collective. It already has 60% of the pharmacies in the community and it is only for pharmacy owners. Adefarma is the only institution that exclusively defends the interests of pharmacies.

    More than 200 pharmacies distributed across Spain joined Farmavinci, even though it is located in Ejido, Almería. The team offers pharmacies the best price starting from the first unit, through a wholesaler. They aim to have pharmacies achieve better profitability and services.

    Grupo Farma 10 is a purchasing group comprised of more than 250 pharmacists who want to have more bargaining power so they can obtain great discounts and reduce the minimum purchase amount required. We share our bargaining power with you so you can optimise your profitability and we also associate with the most relevant companies from the sector, for your pharmacy to become a role model. Join our team and become a five-star Pharmacy.

    The Association of Pharmacy Owners of Asturias (AEFAS) is a Professional Association that gathers pharmacy owners from the Principality of Asturias. It watches over the strictly business interests on the performance of the pharmacy owners. The sphere of competence covers all the business aspects that include the everyday life of the profession, relationships with the employees, financial and legal issues, relationships with suppliers, etc.

    Join our network, aid your patients, and boost your parapharmacy online sales!