Start selling your parapharmacy products on online sales platforms directly.

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    Connect your pharmacy to online purchase applications

    Every day, more pharmacies see how their regular customers purchase parapharmacy products via online shops and sales platforms. More and more patients trust and prefer this kind of purchases because it is comfortable, and they can carry them out through their mobile phones or their computers anywhere and anytime.

    Thanks to LUDA you will have a presence in these online shops and bring back your digital customer since sales will be carried out in your pharmacy. We will connect you with different platforms so you can start receiving orders and directly connect your pharmacy with your clients successfully.

    And there are no installation or maintenance costs! Not even a permanence commitment!

    Benefits of LUDA

    By being part of LUDA’s digital network, you will have access to the following benefits:

    • Excellent collaboration conditions with Glovo, Uber and more online sales sites.
    • Sell your parapharmacy products through these digital platforms with your offline prices.
    • Your digital customers will not compare prices as platforms only display the available products in the closest pharmacy.
    • Your conditions are respected, and you have control of the dispensation of the products.
    • There are no fixed costs for your pharmacy: no installation or maintenance costs.
    • It is a win-win model: you only pay when you make a sale.

    Interesting figures

    More than 600 pharmacies are part of this project

    Increase of 1,500 € on average per month per pharmacy

    Delivering in only 20 minutes

    How does it work?

    In just 2 steps you will be able to sell your parapharmacy products online. Below you will have the process detailed:

    1. When your pharmacy receives a parapharmacy order, you will get a sound and visual notification in your summit (Glovo’s device).

    2. Prepare the order so Glovo’s messenger picks it up and delivers it to customers. The user also has the option of picking it up directly in your pharmacy.

    Everyone wins

    In LUDA we want every agent related to the creation, distribution, and sale of parapharmacy to be benefitted, and thanks to our online sales model we have achieved this objective:

    • Pharmaceutical companies: Their sales are increased.
    • Wholesalers and distributors: As parapharmacy sales increase, product orders increase.
    • Pharmacies: They sell their parapharmaceutical products online to a digital customer who stopped purchasing them in a pharmacy.
    • Customers: They can still purchase their parapharmacy products wherever they want and receive them in 20 minutes while supporting traditional pharmacies.

    LUDA Partners works to redirect online the parapharmacy sales pharmacies had before to traditional pharmacies, taking advantage of the pharmacy model so pharmacies have the same power online as they do offline.