LUDA Partners, the Digital Network of Pharmacies

The digital solution that connects pharmacies to help them deal with medicine supply issues and sell their parapharmacy online.

– Preference for the closest pharmacy
– No comparison of prices
– No data is sold


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    What is LUDA Partners?

    LUDA Partners is the digital network of pharmacies that facilitates communication among them to locate medicines with supply issues. Its network has more than 2,400 pharmacies distributed across all the 50 Spanish provinces and more than 340,000 product references. LUDA Partners puts its technology at the service of pharmacists, so they can help patients find the medicines in shortage they need, which suppose, in many cases, a risk to their health.

    Through our software, LUDA pharmacies can search for the closest pharmacy in possession of the medicines needed, so patients can go there and get them. This prevents patients from wandering from one pharmacy to another looking for those medicines. Pharmacies help their patients and satisfy their needs. So far, more than 38,000 patients have been helped by pharmacists who used LUDA to find their medicines.

    Besides, thanks to LUDA Partners you will be in the online world placing your parapharmaceutical products at the patients’ disposal. LUDA Partners is integrated with the principal pharmaceutical companies, e-commerce, and marketplaces, so when users purchase a parapharmaceutical product online, LUDA displays the closest pharmacy which has all the products of the order, and it is the one that finally dispenses it.

    Pharmacies participate directly and without surpassing their limits. LUDA Partners puts pharmacies at the centre of the digital ecosystem, helping them get through this usually tedious process, and bring back digital patients to their parapharmacies.

    Advantages of LUDA

    Dealing with supply issues
    Dealing with supply issues
    Help your patients find their medicines
    It is free
    It is free
    No cost of installation or maintenance
    Increase of patient loyalty
    Increase of patient loyalty
    By helping them find their medicines
    Billing increase
    Billing increase
    By being online offering your parapharmaceutical products
    Start selling your parapharmacy online
    Start selling your parapharmacy online
    And bring back the digital patients who are only buying online
    Without commitments
    Without commitments
    No permanence commitment

    About us

    LUDA Partners is a company created by and for pharmacists in 2017, with the aim of helping pharmacies deal with medicine supply issues in Spain, as well as in their parapharmaceutical digitalisation since the market is evolving towards online consumption.

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    LUDA Partners in numbers

    There are more and more pharmacies that trust us and more patients we can help find their medicines, who would not have found them without LUDA.



    Pharmacies joined us


    Patients have been helped by pharmacists to find their medicines


    Increase in billing

    Security and Guarantee

    Our projects always have pharmacies at the centre, to prioritise their needs while respecting the pharmacy model. We are based on 3 golden rules:

    1. Preference for the closest pharmacy
    2. No comparison of prices
    3. No data is sold


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