Pharmaceutical Companies

Get to know our projects with pharmaceutical companies that already trust LUDA Partners to digitalise and increase their parapharmacy sales online through pharmacies.

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    Connect your pharmaceutical company to LUDA

    Our project with pharmaceutical companies consists of connecting our system with their websites, so when a user makes a parapharmacy order, the closest pharmacy with availability of products will get the sale. This is carried out directly by pharmacies, and pharmacists are the ones who dispense the products. When purchasing parapharmaceutical products, patients can choose between picking up the order in pharmacies or having it delivered. In this way, we help pharmacies bring back the online parapharmaceutical sales they were losing and digitalise their parapharmacy easily and without extra costs, they only have to pay when they make a sale.

    On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies are also benefitted from this model, since their only preoccupation is to join us, which is quite simple. They can forget about anything else, as we take charge of the delivery logistics along with our courier services, and the dispensation is borne by pharmacies. Their logistic warehouses are transformed, thanks to LUDA, into more than 22,000 pharmacies distributed across Spain, due to the capillarity of the Mediterranean model, which does not exist in any other sector.

    We help pharmaceutical companies turn their web visits into sales while offering excellent customer service and accelerating deliveries, reducing them to 2 hours. Meanwhile, pharmacies are always a priority, and they are at the centre of the ecosystem.

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