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    Our technological solution promotes agility efficiency sustainability

    At LUDA Partners, we help protect the environment and we join sustainability through our technological solution and our digital network of pharmacies. Thanks to our tool, we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the carbon footprint caused by parapharmacy deliveries, since the closest pharmacy with the order available is the one to sell it. This way, we not only prevent couriers from wandering from one pharmacy to another looking for the products ordered by the clients, but we also optimise the delivery, since the closest pharmacy is the one to dispense it. This opposes other models that use trucks which depart from a warehouse and go across long distances and, as a result, they pollute.

    ESG at LUDA:

    Environmental Factor

    We are reducing the percentage of rejected orders thanks to the 340,000 references our tool has, which helps us improve the sustainability of the last mile in the pharmacy sector and avoids extra trips for couriers.

    Our model allows for an optimisation of the pharmacy-client route that other models (warehouse-client) cannot offer since our model implies asking pharmacies if they have the product clients want in real time: there are fewer cancellations, fewer fake deliveries, and less carbon footprint.

    Social Factor

    Through our tool, pharmacists can localise in real time the closest pharmacy which has the medicines their patients need to continue their treatment. In this way, we help pharmacies in their health assistance work and patients to find their medicines and not lose track of their treatment.

    This prevents them from wandering looking for their medicines and from the frustration and stress that entails not finding them.

    Governance Factor

    LUDA always aims to support the pharmacy model and the Spanish pharmaceutical system. Our digital tool contributes to the maintenance, adaptation, and digitalisation of pharmacies, without disrespecting their traditional model and highlighting traditional pharmacies. We help them bring back digital clients.

    Not to mention that more than 50% of our shareholders are expert pharmacists in the health sector, which helps us know the needs and worries of pharmacies.

    How do we contribute to sustainability?

    At LUDA, we are aware of environmental care and protection, and that is why we contribute to the compliance of Goal 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG): Climate action. We promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the distance of routes and the rejected orders this way:

    Routes of 20-30 minutes promote the use of means of transport with less environmental impact such as bikes, scooters, or other electric vehicles. Clients can pick up the order in pharmacies too, which will save on deliveries.

    It has been estimated that 8% of the orders are rejected, but thanks to LUDA, this number can be reduced to 1.5%. A decrease in rejected orders means fewer extra trips and less pollution.